Monday, December 15, 2014


DesFly, an independent record label, is presenting T.LEE, born Tyris Lee, a native of New Orleans,LA, is a new fresh face and sound of the south. Born and raised in one of the roughest neighborhoods , the lower ninth ward, (CTC), will keep you wanting more with his unique(like no other) sense of style and artistry. T.LEE , separates himself from the known style of other local artist of his peers. His ability to use his struggle of growing up in poverty, being the oldest of three boys, raised in a single parent home, and still managing to turn that all into positive energy shows his ambitious will do attitude. T.LEE will deliver a positive, relatable, message that anyone from all walks of life should be able to appreciate. T.LEE at a very young age was determined to make a difference. Not, only for him but for his family. His dream of overcoming and beating the odds has always been in his reach. Eliminating and breaking all poverty chains for his family, community, and city as a whole. T.LEEs’ life experiences and mentality has enabled him to come straight from his heart and present a positive, clean side of New Orleans that is too far and few in between of the norm. To name a few of T.LEEs accomplishments thus far; in 2012 T.Lee has had, one of his song featured in the motion picture Blood In-BloodOut, starring Curtis(50-Cent) Jackson, Val Kilmer and Luke Gross. Another one of his songs “If I Don’t Do Nothing” will be featured in a Film, still in production phase. T.LEE has also made his debut into the commercial side of the business with his song “Take Another Shot” in the promotion of a well known gentlemen’s club based out of Baton Rouge.LA. T.LEE is a very hardworking, persistent, artist, who continues to perform at any open venue, securing radio play, as well as internet radio as well. This just show how determined he is to accomplish his goals. T.LEE has a Single that is on ITunes called “CLOSURE”. Keep your ears and minds open for the Freshest Most rewarding sound in a while. T. LEE Big Dreams is perceived to be the hottest mixtape on the planet that T.Lee will be releasing on the 16 of December 16th. This is #TLee second mixtape release in years, but this 1 is hosted it by a numerous of DJ's and supporters. Featuring DJ's such as the hot DJ from Australia, and owner of #MixxBosses DJ D Worldwide, the fast upcoming DJ from that NYC and the Owner of #iLLWiLLEntertainment The Tri State iLL WiLL, and last but not least the red hot DJ from Cali and the owner of #NotYourAverageRadio DJ Monski. We also like to include some of our biggest supporters Yvonne Wilcox a PR out of Houston / NYC the owner of #2Hot4Airwaves, #PeachesRecords, from New Orleans La, Nakia Y. Quarles the host of #SexySaturdays and #BlogRadio Owner of #ShoezNMotion, from NC, DJ Dwain from New Orleans La / Houston and the owner of #Power94 internet radio, also DJ Popa from New Orleans La, and DJ at the hottest radio station in New Orleans La #Q93FM and Jihad A Hill the owner of #IndieArtMag form NYC also to #RAPPERSIQ promotions. #DesFly and #TLee would like to thank all of our friends and supports for being there for us through these difficult times and getting the job done. Most of all #DesFly and #TLee would like to just thank our fans personally because without you we wouldn't be, so thank you for all of your tremendous support through the years. #BigDreams baby get it, download it from #Datpiff / #LiveMixtapes tomorrow. Please check our website as I would give you an update and a link where as you can go to the direct site so you can go and download this great music. Thank you all again for your great support and have a great day remember tomorrow the hottest mixtape on the planet #TLee peace !...

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